Why did we create Mafie Sotto Casa?

This website is the end product of the need to put together all the information related to mafia issues in Emilia-Romagna, in order to understand the problem.
When we talk about the mafia we always think of something far from us. We’re wrong, as the mafia is all around us, including near our homes.
Every little piece is useful, in order to get the whole picture.
This website isn’t an original idea and it will never be exhaustive, it’s just a tool we’re giving to everybody, in order to understand how big the problem is (se siete curiosi di conoscere gli altri progetti, ne trovi alcuni qui).
We really wish everyone would participate. Fighting the mafia is another way to fight for democracy and freedom which can be real only if we’re all involved. Se anche voi siete di questa idea e volete contribuire a sviluppare il progetto, dopo aver visitato il sito non dimenticate di passare di qui.

Welcome to Mafie Sotto Casa.

About us

Mafie Sotto Casa is an association of people who have been volunteering for years, in order to counteract the mafia and spread the ideals of justice. We are active everywhere, from crowded squares to the suburbs, and we always try to stand for those who had to pay an extremely high price for having tried to oppose the mafia.
We’re basically a bunch of friends living between Piacenza and Rimini who share the goal of beating criminal attitudes and finding the strength to keep this ideal alive.
In a few words, we’re nuts.
Just as Placido Rizzotto, Pippo Fava, Boris Giuliano, Peppino Impastato, Paolo Borsellino, Giovanni Falcone, Gaetano Saffioti, Giulio Cavalli, Luigi Ciotti, Giovanni Tizian, Salvatore Borsellino and all those who keep on inspiring us every single day. This project is dedicated to them.

Gaetano Alessi, Francesca Berni, Claudia Casamenti, Sara Donatelli, Valentina Giunta, Gianlorenzo Ingrami, Enza Leggieri, Evelin Leva, Massimo Manzoli, Sabrina Natali, Liam O’Connor, Daniele Pinazzi, Rebecca Righi, Andrea Ronchi, Chiara Tellarini cooperated in the realisation of this website.