Collecting information to follow their tracks
And find their hiding places

The Mafia isn’t invisible. We can easily notice its presence. We just have to pay attention to the evidence these criminals leave along the way in our territory.

This map is based on legal documents, press releases and, last but not least, your reports.

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Confiscated properties

What are they? They’re apartments, lands, bank accounts. In other words,  confiscated property is any kind of movable or immovable asset, confiscated after a final sentence. Those properties must be given back to the community.

People under special surveillance
Special surveillance is a preventative measure for those who have been declared a danger to public safety, even if they haven’t been convicted yet or at all. For this reason they are constantly supervised by a judicial authority.

Town Councils dismissed or under receivership because of dealings with the mafia

This happens when the Council’s decisions and actions might be or have been strongly influenced by criminal organizations, In these cases, the Prefecture considers the option of dismissing the local government, replacing the administrators with a team of commissioners who must restore the order.

Ongoing trials

They’re only a few but they are remarkable. In Emilia-Romagna we’re currently hosting many ongoing major trials because of the mafia.


Arrests for mafia related crimes are now very common. Emilia-Romagna has become used to being awoken by the sound of police sirens.

Murders and blood issues

Some might say that in Emilia-Romagna there are no murders committed by the mafia but this isn’t true at all. When the mafia shoot, they rarely miss.

Intentional fires

This is one of the mafia’s favourite ways of intimidating and warning people.
They usually set fire to construction sites, earth-moving machinery, vehicles.

Threats to journalists and local administrators

Too often journalists and local administrators are threaten by the mafia if they refuse to submit to them. The Mafia’s favourite ways to warn them are aggression, damage to property, legal action against them, blackmailing etc.

Companies involved in mafia issues

Many companies in Emilia-Romagna have been excluded from the White list, which is a list of suppliers and companies which are not involved in crimes or influenced by mafia issues and are eligible to enter into public contracts.

Investigations on environmental crimes

Mafia related crimes often have a strong impact on the environment. Mafia operates in many fields like waste management, disposal of inert material, construction, agricultural production and renewable energies.

Coerced stays

Coerced stay was a way to keep a dangerous subject away from his territory, in order to restrict his contacts with his fellows. they were forced to live in another Italian region, controlled by the forces of law and order. This preventative measure was abolished in 1995.


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