Malta a ‘transit point’ for weapons trafficking from Southern Europe to North Africa

di Karl Azzopardi. Pubblicato su Malta Today il 1 ottobre 2023.

Global Organised Crime Index report says Libyan revolution provided opportunities for criminals to escalate and internationalise their illegal enterprises across the Mediterranean, including Malta.

Malta is a transit point for the trafficking of weapons from Italy to Egypt by organised crime groups, according to the Global Organised Crime Index report.

The illicit firearms trade is influenced by Italian mafia groups that reportedly smuggle arms from Southern Italy to North Africa. The report states Maltese or Malta-based smugglers with maritime assets are also involved in the smuggling of arms between Libya and Turkey, as well as between Libya and Montenegro.

The Global Organized Crime Index is a multi-dimensional tool that assesses the level of criminality and resilience to organized crime for 193 countries along three key pillars – criminal markets, criminal actors, and resilience.

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